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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Renee Jackson

Who is Renee Jackson? If you have not heard, she is Janet Jackson daughter. In 2005 when this rumor first started she was and still is 18-year-old. The reason that we never heard of Renee before, is because she has been living with Janet's older sister Rebe, and the baby's father is apparently James De Barge, the man Janet married in 1984. But you gotta hand it to Janet -- She managed to keep her second marriage hidden for nearly 10 years a secret (until she decided to get divorced), it was easy to figure out that she had kept a secret child hidden for 18 years.

So, after some research I did find out who Renee Jackson is... She is Brandi Jackson... Wait I thought her name was Renee? Is she Janet's Daughter or what? No. So who is Brandi Jackson?

Brandi is the daughter of Jackie and Enid. She was born on February 6Th, 1982. So wait who is Jackie Jackson and Enid Jackson?
Jackie is Janet's older brother who was in the Jackson Five. Jackie and Enid got married in 1974.

No one is sure how the rumor got started, but why Janet never cleared it up is news to me, considering this is a eighteen year old rumor.

Brandi did model as a teenager, she did several guest appearances for television:* 2300 Jackson Street music video (1989) * LA Gear commercial (1990)* Black or White music video (1991)* The Jackson Family Honors Show (1994)* 20/20 Barbara Walters (2004).

That Brandi with dad Jackie and brother Siggy.

Now that we know that Brandi is actually related to Janet Jackson, Janet is not her Mother, now you know who Brandi /AKA Renee Jackson really is Janet Jackson niece...


lil'keys said...

Janet did say on E! That Brandi wasn't her kid .

Also how can Brandi be Janet's kid when Janet's Secret Daughter was supposely Born in 1985 After Her & James Annuled their Marriage & Janet was 19 & Brandi was born in 1982 durring Janet's Teen years 15 yearsold & Appearences on TV Shows.

How could Janet have had Brandi in 1982 when she was appearing on "Different Strokes" as Charlene .

lil'keys said...

Because According to Mrs.DeBarge Janets Due date was August 25th 1985 , Not Febuary 6th 1982 which Brandi was born .

So I'm just trying to Understand how many of you all got that Brandi Jackie's Adopted Daughter is Janet & James DeBarge's Secret Daughter from 1985 when Brandi was already Born ..LOL

& James have stated that Janet Termented 2 Pregnancies durring their Relationship that him & his mother know of , so what makes everyone 100% sure that Brandi is even the kid when Janet was very known of going & getting Abortions cause of her Career . Hell She might had Aborted her Child she was supposely to have had in 1985 by James too .

Brandi Is suppose to be Only Jackie's Biological Daughter by A Unknown Woman he had A Affair With
& Speculations has that She maybe Paula Abdul's Baby that she was Suppose to had Aborted by Jackie.

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