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Monday, September 1, 2008

Tiffany Pollard

Who is TiffanyPollard? You probably know her by her tv name of Newyork. Tiffany was born January 6, 1982 in New York. She [2] is a reality television contestant, best known for VH1's Flavor of Love and I Love New York. Pollard was given the nickname "New York" by Flavor Flav during the first season of Flavor of Love; she is, to television viewers, better known by her nickname than her given name. She is also known colloquially by her self-proclaimed nickname the "HBIC (Head Bitch In Charge)",[3] which she exclaimed in the series Flavor of Love in an attempt to taunt her fellow competitors.[4]

Tiffany was the girl you love to hate on the Flavor of Love (Season 1).
Pollard clashed with virtually all of the contestants in both seasons, including:
Thela "Rain" Brown
Nicole "Hoopz" Alexander
Chandra "Deelishis" Davis
Larissa "Bootz" Aurora
Becky "Buckwild" Johnson
Heather "Krazy" Crawford
Brooke "Pumkin" Thompson
Schatar "Hottie" Taylor
Leilene "Smiley" Ondrade
Shay "Buckeey" Johnson
Mieko "Cherry" Smith
Saaphyri Windsor
Although these feuds were, in general, nothing more than screaming matches, an incident in the penultimate episode of season one led to violence. After her elimination, an outraged Brooke Thompson spat on Pollard after the two had exchanged words. Pollard vowed to "whoop Pumkin's ass", and attempted to do so at the season one reunion. However, in another VH1 special, "New York" and "Pumkin" were shown making up at a club. Meanwhile, the final two contestants journeyed to Mexico where Flavor Flav chose Nicole "Hoopz" Alexander to be his mate.

After his relationship did not work out with Alexander, Flavor Flav chose to do a second season of his dating show, and invited Pollard to participate nearly halfway through the season. She agreed, but was once again eliminated, finally severing her romantic connection with Flavor Flav. Pollard verbally fought with Flav in the season finale, asking why he had brought her back only to be ultimately eliminated. However, the two announced on the Flavor of Love: After the Lovin reunion show that aired October 28, 2006, that they would remain friends.
In the reunion of the second season, contestants "Bootz", "Deelishis", "Buckeey", "Buckwild", and Saaphyri attempted to physically attack "New York". Numerous security guards protected Pollard keeping the other contestants from harming her. All the contestants, except "Deelishis", who had won the second season, and Saaphyri were then asked to leave the reunion.

In October of 2006, Pollard announced plans for her own dating show entitled, I Love New York, which premiered on January 8, 2007, on VH1. The series followed the same theme as Flavor of Love, where contestants competed for her affections. In the show's finale, which aired on April 2, 2007, the man she chose, Patrick "Tango" Hunter, proposed to her, and after slight hesitation, she agreed to marry him. However, after watching the show himself, Tango was offended by the comments made about his mother, and he broke off the engagement on the reunion show. Thus, New York was left alone again.

In April 2007, VH1 announced plans for a second season of I Love New York shooting in July 2007. The second season maintains the same premise as the first season of I Love New York, in addition to an online casting process by fans. A special, I Love New York 2: Casting Special aired on VH1 allowing viewers to see potential contestants' casting videos and are given the opportunity to vote at VH1's official website.
Another special, I Love New York 2: Casting Special 2, aired on October 1, 2007 to reveal the contestants chosen by fans.[5]I Love New York 2 premiered October 8, 2007 on VH1.
In the finale of I Love New York 2, contestant "Tailor Made" (real name George Weisgerber) proposed to Pollard, but was turned down. During the I Love New York 2 reunion special, "Tailor Made" proposed a second time and Pollard accepted.[6][7]

Main article: New York Goes To Hollywood
New York Goes to Hollywood began airing on August 4, 2008. The reality show, consisting of ten 30-minute episodes, follows New York as she moves to Hollywood and attempts to become a legitimate actress. The show focuses primarily on her attempts to become a serious actress by securing an agent and an acting coach and going on auditions. In the third episode New York is offered a chance to film a commercial for a Japanese energy drink. There is also some focus on her attempts to consolidate her personal life with her professional ambitions. The series debuted to high ratings with 1.7 million views beating I Want to Work for Diddy, its lead-in show, in ratings.

After watching Newyork goes to Hollywood, you will find yourself glued to the tube in awe. The things that this lady does proves one thing, that she may be the next cash cow for VH1. I kept wondering what was she going to do next, and before I knew it the show was over... I really like the show I will give it a 3 stars.

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