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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Who"s House? Run's House!!!

Runs House is one of my favorite Reality TV shows, at times some moments seem scripted, but for the most part worth watching. If a person did not believe that having success in family opens doors, they need to look at this show.

Run's House is an MTV reality series. It shows the family life of rapper and hip-hop music pioneer Joseph Simmons a.k.a. Rev Run.
The theme song and show name are from the name of a song from the Run-D.M.C. album Tougher Than Leather (In season 4 the clips of the cast were re-shot and new background music was added). The reality show is executive produced by Sean "Diddy" Combs, Russell Simmons, Stan Lathan, Jason A. Carbone, Tony DiSanto, Mike Powers and Elizabeth Gateley. It is filmed at Run's house in Saddle River, New Jersey, occasionally in Manhattan where the Simmons offices are located and Los Angeles, California where Vanessa and Angela share an apartment but still visit their family in Saddle River, New Jersey.

The Family

Reverend Run(born Nov. 14, 1964): Father, Phat Farm executive, Minister, and one-third of hip-hop group Run D.M.C.

Justine Simmons: She is a mother to Diggy, Russy and Miley, and stepmother to Vanessa, Angela, and Jojo. She says she will create a jewelry line entitled "Brown Sugar" by Evelyn Simmons, named for her mother-in-law.

Vanessa Simmons (born 1983): The oldest daughter and oldest child. She is an aspiring actress, co- creator of Pastries with her sister Angela and Ford Model. She was voted on the Maxim's "Hot 100" people in 2006. Vanessa is the topic of many rumors the most interesting one being she was engaged to an entrepreneur and motivational speaker named Carl Cupid. Vanessa, in an interview with Maxim denies any betrothment, but did say her personal business will be kept that way[In March 2007, she was featured in a national Verizon commercial [1]. On March 23, 2007, she launched Pastry Footwear[2] with Angela under their family's Run Athletics shoewear. The first shoes are the Cake Collection inspired by their favorite pastries [3]. She graduated from St. John's University in Dec. '07 with a degree in Communications [4]. She was recently cast as Lola on the CBS soap opera Guiding Light.

Angela Simmons (born 1987): Second daughter and second oldest. She graduated from the High School of Fashion Industries in the premiere episode. As a graduation present for excelling in school with a 4.0 throughout her senior year her father gave her a red Mercedes-Benz C-Class sedan. She is attending the Fashion Institute of Technology. She is executive editor of Word Up! magazine's subsidiary publication Angela's Rundown. Angela's Rundown is a monthly magazine targeting youths age 14-18 and cover teen issues, style, music, and fashion while offering fashion tips and in-depth celebrity interviews [5]. She was featured in Bow Wow's video "Shortie Like Mine". It was confirmed on the August 6 episode of Run's House, that Angela was at one point dating the rapper Bow Wow. On March 23, 2007, she[1] launched Pastry Footwear[1] with Vanessa under their family's run athletics shoewear. The first shoes are the Cake Collection inspired by their favorite pastries. It was confirmed by the official Pastry website that Angela will be releasing her debut album later this year. Her first single "Center of Attention" had its world premiere on, it is now available for download at the official Pastry website.

Joseph "JoJo" Simmons Junior.: First son and third oldest. Recently signed to Latchkey Records with his group Team Blackout. Also shot his first video with Lost Not Found Productions for the groups song "J5". He wants to become a rapper and producer. After attending Ramsey High School for a little over two years, he graduated from Northern Highlands Regional High School in 2007. As a graduation present, his father gave him a black BMW with his name inscribed in the seats.

Daniel "Diggy" Simmons, III(born 1995): He loves basketball, skateboarding, and rapping. He is currently in the 8th grade at Eric S. Smith Middle School, Diggy is also starting his own clothing and shoe line called Space Age, starting in 2009.

Russell "Russy" Simmons, II(born 1997): The youngest son. He enjoys playing video games. He also enjoys to play guitar. He had some anger management issues surrounding his inability to win games played on his 'Game Boy'. Currently in the sixth grade at Wandell Elementary School in Saddle River. Russell also redid his room to fit his growing mind and went shopping with his two older brothers to pick out a more older selection for his age. Russy is starting his own skateboard line called Purple Gorilla.

Victoria Anne Simmons: Victoria was born on Sept 26, 2006. Victoria was four pounds, five ounces when she was delivered via C-section.[6] She[7] died shortly after being born reportedly due to omphalocele, a birth defect that caused her organs to grow outside her body. The Simmons family decided to allow camera crews to be in the hospital room as they broke the news to their children. They wanted to show viewers how, as a family, they dealt with this terrible tragedy.

Miley Justine Simmons: Miley is the youngest child and youngest daughter of the Simmons family. Miley was adopted in September 2007 when she was a month old and made a debut on Run's House in January of 2008. Everyone in the family can always be seen giving Miley kisses and hugs. This now makes seven (including Victoria) children for Run and Justine.[8].

Season 1
The first season of the show began October 2005, ending before the year was out.
Angela's Graduation
Runs Facts Of Life
There's Nothing Like Home
Do Your Best Forget The Rest
Fruits Of Labor
The Simmons Vacation .

Season 2
The second season of this show began airing on June 15, 2006. In March 2007, the show began in reruns on BET.
Baby Fever
A Healthy Heart
All Work And No Peace
Maximum Growth
Vegas Vacation
Revs Fix It List
Rev Mom
Downward Facing Dawg
Anger Management
Two Down And One To Grow

Season 3
The third season of the show began on April 9, 2007 on MTV. The final episode of Season 3 aired on May 28, 2007.
Give Me Strength
Hangin' with Run
Weight a Minute
Sneaker Pimps & Mini Moguls
Catch a Thief
Home Alone
Rev's Birthday
Family Albums
Times Are Changin'

Season 4
The fourth season began in October 25, 2007 and ended in January 2008.
Jojo's Graduation
Growing Up Is Hard To Do
Run's Manner House
When Diggy Met Brittany
Rapper's Retreat
Camp Rev
Who's Your Daddy?
Rock In Run's House
Baby Steps
Mixed and Mastered
Too Cool For Old School

Season 5
The fifth season began July 16, 2008, with a two episode premiere, and ended September 3, 2008.
Mind on the Road
Boneless Chicken Dinner
Pass the Fame
Rev's Old West Side
Outside the Box
Age Against the Machine
Mole Beauty, Mole Problems
Operation Album Drop
That Guy
Say Hello to My Little Friend

Season 6
The sixth season was confirmed by Justine, and JoJo in his verse on the song Swagger Like Us remix, with Team Blackout

DVD name The Complete First and Second Seasons
No. of Discs 3
Release Date March 20, 2007

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