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Friday, February 27, 2009

Who is Biljana Golic?

Who is Biljana Golic? The tennis world knows her as Biba Golic, she is a Serbian table tennis player. She has become one of the game's top players and known around the world for her intense play and beautiful looks.

Biba was born November 9, 1977, Senta, Serbia. At the age of 12, just three years after her start in table tennis, Biba became a member of the Serbian National Cadet Team, and continued to climb the ranks to the senior Serbian National Teams during the next 10 years. Biba came to be a dominating force in women’s table tennis, becoming the Balkan Champion in Mixed Doubles, a 2x Yugoslavian Singles Champion and the Mediterranean Doubles Champion.
In 2002 she joined Europe’s most prestigious table tennis league, the Bundes League in Germany, where she played for 1 year. It was here that she connected with Killerspin and became a sponsored player in Killerspin’s ‘Krew’.

Wanting to expand her horizons beyond table tennis, Biba then applied to Wesleyan University in Texas, where she was able to further her studies and continue to play the sport she loved, thanks to a scholarship from the university. She continued to excel at Wesleyan, becoming the National Collegiate Champion in singles, doubles, mixed doubles and team, and also was named the team’s Most Valuable Player.
A year and a half later, she transferred to the Illinois Institute of Technology, where she continued her excellent level of play, and was the No. 2 in the collegiate ranks.

Since becoming one of the anchors of the “Killerspin Krew”, Biba has combined her talents to play competitively, as well as to serve as a spokesperson and heighten the popularity and awareness of the sport. Often called the “Anna Kournikova of table tennis”, Biba definitely exudes a graceful charm, and was even named as one of the ‘Sexiest Women in Sports” by ESPN in 2005. Her looks definitely make her a stand-out in a sport that is male-dominated, and until recent years somewhat obscure outside of Europe and Asia.
She has regularly participates in special events, where she performs spectacular exhibition matches, and has made numerous appearances on television news and profile shows, and most recently in Hollywood feature films.
Some of her recent film and television appearances include:
Balls of Fury
Ping Pong Playa
Welcome to the Parker
The Best Damn Sports Show Period
ESPN Sexiest Women in Sports
As well as being featured in publications such as Time Magazine and Rolling Stone. The character Oksana Svedlovigoba in the story arc Paint The Line, by Penny Arcade was based on her.


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