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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Who is Timothy Zachery Mosley?

Who is Timothy Zachery Mosley?,[1] better known by his stage name Timbaland, is an American record producer, rapper, and singer. Timbaland has produced albums and singles for a number of artists from the mid-1990s to the present day.[1]
Timbaland's first full credit production work was in 1996 on Ginuwine...the Bachelor for R&B singer Ginuwine; the album was both a commercial and critical success. After further successful work on Aaliyah's 1996 album One in a Million and Missy Elliott's 1997 album Supa Dupa Fly, Timbaland became a prominent producer for R&B and hip-hop artists. He also released several of his own albums, often joined by fellow rapper Magoo. Between 2003 and 2005 he mainly worked together with Brandy, next to works with Jay-Z, Lil' Kim and Bubba Sparxx. Timbaland is one of the highest-paid people in the music industry, having earned $22 million in 2008, according to a 2008 Forbes article, "Hip Hop Cash Kings." According to the "Keep It Fit" Campaign, Timbaland was paid $45M during year 2007-2008 for the production of tracks for other artists.

He was born March 10, 1971 and raised in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Originally a disc jockey known as "DJ Timmy Tim"[2] or "DJ Tiny Tim",[3] Mosley began making hip hop backing tracks on a Casio keyboard. While in high school, Mosley began a long term collaboration with rapper Melvin Barcliff, who performed under the name of Magoo. The teenaged Mosley also joined the production ensemble S.B.I. - "Surrounded By Idiots" - which also featured Neptunes producerPharrell
.[3]and partner Magoo.
Singer/rapper Missy Elliott
heard his material and, taken by Mosley’s unique sense of rhythm, began working with him .[4] She and her R&B group Sista auditioned for DeVante Swing, a producer and member of the successful R&B act Jodeci. DeVante signed Sista to his Swing Mob record label and Elliott brought Mosley and Barcliff along with her to New York, where Swing Mob was based. It was DeVante who renamed the young producer Timbaland, after Timberland construction boots, which were popular in hip hop fashion.[5]
Sista, Timbaland, and Magoo became part of DeVante's stable of Swing Mob signees known as "Da Bassment" crew, joining artists such as R&B singer Ginuwine, male vocal group Playa (Smoke E. Digglera, Static Major and Digital Black), and the girl group Sugah.[3] Timbaland did production work on a number of projects with
, including the 1995 Jodeci
LP The Show, The After-Party, The Hotel"the theme song to Seasame Street, and Sista’s debut LP 4 All the Sistas Around the World, which was shelved and never released.
Elliott began receiving recognition as a songwriter for artists such as R&B girl group
702 and MC Lyte

. Due to Timbaland's connection with her, he was often contacted to produce remixes of her songs. One of these, the remix to 702’s "Steelo"

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in 1996, became Timbaland’s first major production credit.[6]

In 1996, Ginuwine released his debut album, Ginuwine...the Bachelor,

which was produced by Timbaland.[7] The album was both a commercial and critical success.[7] On many of the tracks, Timbaland can be heard either rapping or providing ad-libs, similar to what both
Elliott and Puff Daddy

were doing at the time; Timbaland’s deep voice was usually vocoded to give it an electronic sound.[7] While work was being completed on Ginuwine...the Bachelor, R&B artist Aaliyah contacted Timbaland and Elliott to write and produce songs for her second album, One in a Million

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.[8] The tracks that were crafted for Aaliyah featured musical arrangements similar to those on Ginuwine...the Bachelor.[8] One in a Million went on to sell over 11 million copies worldwide.[9]

Asian instrumentation is present through much of his early work (Xscape’s "My Secret" remix,

especially, with a sitar outro and Timbaland ad-libbing.

"Let’s take a little India"), but was most successful and prevalent with "Big Pimpin'"

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in 1999, which sampled directly from Hossam Ramzy's "Khusara Khusara,"

a belly dance version of the song "Khosara" originally made famous by Egyptian singer

Abdel Halim Hafez in the 1950s.

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Elliott's 2001 hit single, "Get Ur Freak On"

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from her third album, Miss E...So Addictive, also used a speedy Tabla drumline typical of Hindustani classical music.Nas' 1996 multi-platinum album I AM was also partly produced by Timbaland


Timbaland produced songs including Ludacris' "Roll Out

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(My Business)",[11] Jay-Z's "Hola' Hovito",

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[12] Petey Pablo's "Raise Up",

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[13] and Beck's cover of David Bowie's "Diamond Dogs"

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during this period.[14] He also contributed three songs, all eventually released as singles, to Aaliyah’s self-titled third album, the exotic lead single "

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We Need a Resolution"

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(featuring himself rapping a verse), "More Than a Woman", and the ballad "I Care 4 U".

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Timbaland & Magoo’s second album together was slated for release in November 2000. Indecent Proposal was to feature appearances by Beck, Aaliyah, as well as new Timbaland protégés -- some from his new Beat Club Records imprint--Ms. Jade, Kiley Dean, Sebastian, Petey Pablo, and Tweet (who was a member of Sugah during the Swing Mob days). The album was delayed for an entire year, finally released in November 2001. It was a commercial disappointment. Beck’s vocals for the track "I Am Music" were not included on the final version, which instead featured Timbaland singing alongside Steve "Static" Garrett of Playa and Aaliyah.[16]

The first release on Beat Club was the debut album by Bubba Sparxxx in September 2001, Dark Days, Bright Nights.

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[17] The loss of Aaliyah deeply affected Timbaland, whose work was less omnipresent after 2001. In a phone call to the MTV show Total Request Live, Timbaland said:
She was like blood, and I lost blood. Me and her together had this chemistry. I kinda lost half of my creativity to her. It's hard for me to talk to the fans right now. Beyond the music, she was a brilliant person, the [most special] person I ever met.
—Timbaland, MTV[18]

Timbaland contributed three tracks to Tweet’s debut album, Southern Hummingbird, and produced most of Elliott’s fourth and fifth LPs,
Under Construction and This Is Not A Test!.[19] He also produced tracks for artists such as Lil’ Kim ("The Jump Off") and southern rapper Pastor Troy during this period.[20] Collaborating with fellow producer Scott Storch, Timbaland also worked on a number of tracks on former *NSYNC lead singer Justin Timberlake’s solo debut, Justified, including the song "Cry Me a River".

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[21] Late in 2003, Timbaland delivered the second Bubba Sparxxx

album, Deliverance, and the third Timbaland & Magoo album, Under Construction, Part II. Both albums were released to little fanfare or acclaim even though Deliverance was praised by reviews and embraced by the internet community.[22]
Timbaland continued to produce hit singles and albums for artists; in 2004 Timbaland-produced singles by LL Cool J, Xzibit, Fatman Scoop, and Jay-Z became staples on urban radio, and he produced the bulk of Brandy’s fourth album, Afrodisiac.[23] The Timbaland-produced song "I'm So Fly"

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on Lloyd Banks’s
2004 debut album The Hunger for More is significant in that it was the first official Timbaland production bearing a co-production credit from Danja, who would go on to become a requisite collaborator with Timbaland in the future.


Embracing an international audience, Timbaland co-wrote two tracks (Exodus

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'04 and Let Me Give You My Love) and produced three tracks of the bilingual Japanese Pop star Utada Hikaru’s debut English album, Exodus.

[25] He continued working on tracks for Tweet and for Elliott’s sixth album, The Cookbook: "Joy

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(feat. Mike Jones)", and "Partytime"

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[26] and continued to expand his reach with production for The Game and Jennifer Lopez ("He'll Be Back" from her fourth studio album, Rebirth.)[27]

Timbaland started a new label distributed by Interscope, Mosley Music Group, bringing some talent from his former Beat Club Records label.[28] On the new label are Nelly Furtado, Keri Hilson, and rapper D.O.E..[29] During 2006, Timbaland had seven singles receiving airplay worldwide by Nelly Furtado and Justin Timberlake. Additionally, Timbaland also appears in most of the videos.[30]

In early 2007, Timbaland mentioned he wanted to work with female artist Britney Spears on her album Blackout. However, Spears had refused. This came during the time she was in a rehabilitation center in Malibu. Timbaland provides vocals on the singles the Pussycat Dolls's "Wait a Minute",

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Nelly Furtado's "Promiscuous"

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and "Ice Box"

by Omarion,

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all of which climbed the U.S. charts. In an interview published in August 2006 in the UK,[31] Timbaland revealed he was working on a new LP by Jay-Z and that he had been working on tracks with Coldplay’s Chris Martin.[32] Timbaland worked on seven songs for Björk’s new album, including "Earth Intruders", "Hope", and "Innocence",[33] and he later worked on tracks for the new Duran Duran album, Red Carpet Massacre,

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including one featuring his frequent collaborator Justin Timberlake.[34] Later in the year, Timbaland produced songs for Bone Thugs N Harmony's LP, Strength & Loyalty[35] and the song "Ayo Technology"

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on 50 Cent’s album Curtis.[36] Timbaland also produced most of the tracks on Ashlee Simpson's third CD, Bittersweet World, including the song "Outta My Head (Ay Ya Ya)".[37]

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On April 3, 2007, Timbaland released a collaboration album featuring artists such as 50 Cent, Dr. Dre, Elton John, Fall Out Boy, Nelly Furtado, Missy Elliott, and others called Timbaland Presents Shock Value. The first single, "Give It to Me" featuring Nelly Furtado and Timberlake, topped Billboard’s Hot 100 chart and received a nomination for the Grammy Award for Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals.[38] The fourth single from the album, a remix of the OneRepublic song "Apologize",

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was in the Billboard Hot 100 top ten for 25 weeks, the longest any song of the 2000s has spent in the top ten of the chart


A rivalry flared up between Timbaland and record producer Scott Storch in early 2007. The tension initially started on the single "Give It to Me",

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when Timbaland anonymously called out Storch, rapping, "I'm a real producer and you just the piano man". Timbaland confirmed that he was talking about Storch in an interview with MTV personality Sway Calloway.[40] Storch responded with the track "Built Like That"

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A rivalry flared up between Timbaland and record producer Scott Storch in early 2007. The tension initially started on the single "Give It to Me", when Timbaland anonymously called out Storch, rapping, "I'm a real producer and you just the piano man". Timbaland confirmed that he was talking about Storch in an interview with MTV personality Sway Calloway.[40] Storch responded with the track "Built Like That" on February 26, 2007, featuring Philadelphia rapper NOX, which caused a final response by Beat-Club-rapper D.O.E. on the song "Piano Man". The end of the feud was confirmed by Timbaland in the final issue of Scratch Magazine.
on February 26, 2007, featuring Philadelphia rapper NOX, which caused a final response by Beat-Club-rapper D.O.E. on the song "Piano Man". The end of the feud was confirmed by Timbaland in the final issue of Scratch Magazine.[41]
In November 2007, Timbaland and his then-fiancee Monique Idlett became parents to a baby girl Reign.[42] Monique was also a publicist working at Timbaland's Mosley Music Group record company.

In early 2007, Timbaland was accused of plagiarism regarding his work on the Nelly Furtado track "Do It".

He is alleged to have plagiarized elements from the song "Acid Jazzed Evening" by Finnish artist Tempest, without giving credit or compensation.[43]

In 2008, Timbaland helped produce many albums for various artists that include Sean Paul's The Next Thing, Madonna's Hard Candy, Brandy's Human[44], Omarion's ,Menudo's upcoming album, Ashlee Simpson's Bittersweet World, Keri Hilson's In A Perfect World, Flo Rida's Mail On Sunday, Letoya Luckett's Lady Love, Lindsay Lohan's Spirit in the Dark, Chris Cornell's Scream, JoJo's All I Want Is Everything, Nicole Scherzinger's Her Name is Nicole, Missy Elliott's Block Party, Matt Pokora's MP3, Keithian's Dirrty Pop, The Pussycat Dolls's Doll Domination, Busta Rhymes's B.O.M.B, Lisa Maffia's Miss Boss, Teairra Mari's Pressed For Time,[45] Jennifer Hudson's debut album, Dima Bilan's Against The Rules, Ashley Tisdale's Miss Independent, Samantha Jade's, My Name Is Samantha Jade, Brittany Murphy's Debut Album.

On February 8, 2008, it was announced that Timbaland would be releasing an album solely on a mobile platform for Verizon Wireless's V CAST cell phone service and was designated its very first "Mobile Producer in Residence." Timbaland will be joined by Mosley Music Group/Zone 4 singer/songwriter
to begin work on the mobile album’s first track aboard the fully equipped Mobile Recording Studio. The only track to surface so far is "Get It Girl". In his first effort within the video game industry, he is working with Rockstar Games to produce Beaterator, a music mixing game for the PlayStation Portable to be released in the summer of 2009.[46]
In reference to Timbaland's supposed musical "Midas touch," his name is heard in a lyric of Weezer's 2008 single Pork and Beans. The line reads, "Timbaland knows the way to reach the top of the charts. / Maybe if I work with him I can perfect the art."
Timbaland postponed his Australian Shock Value tour which was originally set for mid July to August . There has not been a press release and no reason has been given. On August 22 Timbaland was scheduled to play at Melbourne's Rod Laver Arena and on the same date The Coke Live Festival in Poland. Timbaland has furthermore cancelled his Australian/New Zealand tour, and is suing the promoter of the concert, "Showtime Touring" for failing to pay and tarnishing his image by making it appear as if the concert didn't go ahead because of personal reasons. Instead, it was because the company failed to make its payments to Timbaland.

In September 2008 it was announced that Timbaland will receive the prestigious honor of being inducted into the Philosophical Society of Trinity College, Dublin as an Honorary Patron in October 2008. This award is over 300 years old and one honoree is chosen every year for exceptional contributions to society.[47] Timbaland executive producing the movie “Vinyl” which follows the lives of 5 young women facing life altering decisions about their relationships to members of a rock band. Timbaland’s Mosley Media Group is teaming up with Effie T. Brown's Duly Noted Inc. to create the movie. Marcus Spence, President of Mosley Music, Timbaland’s wife and publicist Monique Idlett Mosley, will be producing the film. Shooting starts in spring with Richard Zelniker at the director's helm.
Timbaland is working on
, alongside british singer
[49], due in 2009, his 6th studio album and follow-up to his platinum album Shock Value in 2007.

On June 10, 2008, Timbaland married his long time girlfriend, Monique Idlett, in a civil ceremony presided over by a family pastor in Aruba. Timbaland currently lives in Miami, Florida, with his son Demitrius (who was on My Super Sweet Sixteen).

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