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Friday, December 31, 2010

Who is Tim Lambesis?

Who is Tim Lambesis? The Heavy Metal Music world knows him as an American musician. Lambesis is best known as the founding member, lead vocalist of American metalcore band As I Lay Dying. He also has a solo/side project in tribute to actor Arnold Schwarzenegger where he performs all the required instruments, the project is known as Austrian Death Machine. He has also played guitar for Society's Finest and Point of Recognition.
Lambesis is notable for his screamed vocals which are influenced by such bands as In Flames, Living Sacrifice and At the Gates.

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Personal life

Lambesis was born October 21, 1980, he is part Greek. A Christian, his lyrics are personal, expanding from relationships, to life's struggles. Lambesis recently received a "rocking Jesus" tattoo by artist Hannah Aitchison on the television show LA Ink. Tim is the third of four brothers. He was born in Scottsdale, Arizona but moved to San Diego when he was at about the age of seven. All of his brothers live in Scottsdale. His parents own their own company in Carlsbad, CA. Lambesis once worked for his parents for a short while before starting As I Lay Dying. His height is 6'3". Lambesis is married and has a young son, whom he adopted from Ethiopia. His name is Biruk Lambesis


Lambesis has produced all of As I Lay Dying's albums, two Sworn Enemy albums, The Beginning of the End  and Maniacal, as well as the War of Ages album, Arise and Conquer, Impending Doom's The Serpent Servant, Chelsea Grin's Desolation of Eden and his own solo project Austrian Death Machine. He as well recorded and produced Zao's Awake? album. He is the partial owner of Lambesis Studios.



With As I Lay Dying
With Point of Recognition
  • Day of Defeat - (2002)
With Sworn Enemy
Austrian Death Machine

 Records produced

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1 comment:

Elizabeth said...

The name of the son its not Mapopo Kulaka Lambesis its Biruk Lambesis =)

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