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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Who is Mnozil Brass?

Who is Mnozil Brass? The music and entertainment world knows them as an Austrian brass septet, founded in 1992.
All founding members were graduates of the renowned Vienna College of Music, who met while playing at the Mnozil pub in Vienna's first inner city district.

Music is presented in a typical Austrian humour style, which can be approximately characterized as "jet black" and "here and there" absurd. Elements of slapstick exist next to virtuosic brass playing. Notably Austrian and German schlager songs of the 20th century are often caricatured. Former member Sebastian Fuchsberger was a great talent in imitating, for example, Johannes Heesters and Udo Jürgens. Mnozil Brass is able to convince the audience that playing music is not just serious business. Mnozil plays classical and jazz music using traditional brass instruments and more unusual instruments such as the keyed trumpet and Wagner tuba.
The septet cooperates with freelance director Bernd Jeschek who developed the stage programs "Smoke", "Ragazzi" and "Seven" and the "first operetta of the 21st century" titled "Das Trojanische Boot" ("The Trojan Boat"), whose world premiere was in 2005 during the German art festival RuhrTriennale.
The group has toured internationally and won praise from artists such as Barry Tuckwell, Chuck Findley, Jeff Nelson and Wycliffe Gordon.

To see Mnozil Brass "Music Videos" click here.


Bohemian Rhapsody

"Bohemian Rhapsody"

"Green Hornet"


 Former members

  • Wolfgang Sohm (trumpet) until 2004
  • Sebastian Fuchsberger (trombone) until 2004
  • Ed Partyka (trombone) until 2005

Repertoire from Seven Show (available on DVD)

Mnozil has a wide range of repertoire - their two hour long concerts feature the group playing all manners of music along with comedic antics. While the majority of items feature the band playing their brass instruments they are also known to sing (Bohemian Rhapsody being a key example), and even play the recorder (while it is up their noses)
  • Austrian Drinking & Folk Songs
  • Jazz
  • Pop
  • Classical Rearrangements
  • Schlager

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