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Monday, June 13, 2011

Who is Jason Isaac Cutler?

Who is Jason Isaac Cutler? The professional bodybuilding world know Jay Cutler as an IFBB professional bodybuilder and the current Mr. Olympia, a title he has won four times.

Height: 5'9" (175 cm)[1] Vital statistics

  • Thighs: 31 inches (79 cm)[1]
  • Calves: 20 inches (51 cm)[1]
  • Arms: 22.5 inches (57 cm)[1]
  • Neck: 19.5 inches (50 cm)[1]
  • Chest: 60 inches (150 cm)
  • waist:34 inches (86 cm)


Cutler was born August 3, 1973 in Sterling, Massachusetts), he started working in his family's concrete construction business, Cutler Bros. Concrete, at the age of 11, and started training when he was 18 years old as a senior at Wachusett Regional High School. He graduated from Quinsigamond Community College in 1993 with a degree in criminal justice with the intent to work as a guard for a maximum security prison. Cutler quickly excelled in bodybuilding, and took his first overall win in 1993 at the Iron Bodies Invitational. His first contest was the 1992 Gold's Gym Worcester Bodybuilding Championships, at which he took second place. He won consecutive Arnold Classic titles in 2002, 2003, and 2004, and placed 2nd to Ronnie Coleman in the Mr. Olympia four times before claiming the title in 2006. Cutler won the Olympia for a second consecutive year in 2007. Jay Cutler became the 3rd Mr.Olympia in history (along with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Franco Columbu) to reclaim the title, and the only Mr. Olympia in history to reclaim the title after having lost, returning on stage, and defeating the reigning champion Dexter Jackson in 2009. In 2010, he went on to win his fourth Olympia title, defeating Phil Heath. He was inspired to enter bodybuilding after meeting personal trainer, Marcos Rodriguez.


Cutler endorses MuscleTech supplements[2] and has been featured on the cover of several fitness magazines such as Muscle and Fitness and Muscular Development. He currently lives in Las Vegas with his wife Kerry, and trains at several Gold's Gym locations in the area.

Bodybuilding titles

  • 1993 NPC Iron Bodies Invitational, 1st place Teenage & 1st place Men's Middleweight
  • 1993 NPC Teen Nationals, 1st place Middleweight
  • 1995 NPC U.S. Tournament of Champions, 1st place Men's Middleweight and overall winner
  • 1996 NPC Nationals, 2nd place Light Heavyweight (earned IFBB pro card)
  • 2000 IFBB Night of Champions, 1st place
  • 2002 Arnold Classic, 1st place
  • 2003 Arnold Classic, 1st place
  • 2003 Ironman Pro Invitational, 1st place
  • 2003 San Francisco Pro Invitational, 1st place
  • 2003 Dutch Grand Prix, 1st place
  • 2003 British Grand Prix, 1st place
  • 2004 Arnold Classic, 1st place
  • 2006 Austrian Grand Prix, 1st place
  • 2006 Romanian Grand Prix, 1st place
  • 2006 Dutch Grand Prix, 1st place
  • 2006 Mr. Olympia, 1st place
  • 2007 Mr. Olympia, 1st place
  • 2009 Mr. Olympia, 1st place
  • 2010 Mr. Olympia, 1st place

Competitive placings

  • 1992 Gold Gym Worcester Bodybuilding Championships – 2nd
  • 1998 IFBB Night of Champions – 11th
  • 1999 Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic – 4th
  • 1999 IFBB Ironman Pro Invitational – 3rd
  • 1999 Mr. Olympia – 14th
  • 2000 English Grand Prix – 2nd
  • 2000 Joe Weider's World Pro Cup – 2nd
  • 2000 Mr. Olympia – 8th
  • 2000 Mr. Olympia Rome – 2nd
  • 2001 Mr. Olympia – 2nd
  • 2003 Mr. Olympia – 2nd
  • 2003 Russian Grand Prix – 2nd
  • 2003 GNC Show of Strength – 2nd
  • 2004 Mr. Olympia – 2nd
  • 2005 Mr. Olympia – 2nd
  • 2008 Mr. Olympia – 2nd


  • Jay Cutler - A Cut Above (Filmed in 1999, released in 2002)
  • Jay Cutler – New Improved and Beyond (2004)
  • Jay Cutler – Ripped to Shreds (2005)
  • Jay Cutler – One Step Closer (2006)
  • Jay Cutler – From Jay To Z (2007)
  • Jay Cutler – My House (2007)
  • Jay Cutler – All Access (2008)
  • Jay Cutler – Undisputed (2010)
  • Jay Cutler - The Ultimate Beef: A Massive Life in Bodybuilding (2010)



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